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HOT Studio Classes 

Studio Two (Heated Classes)

Studio Three aka "The Big One" 



You know that feeling you love when you walk outside on a warm sun-soaked day? That is what stepping into our heated studios, feels like as we are recreating nature's infrared heat therapy with our heat panels. It is a warm dry heat that offers a whole range of health benefits including increased circulation & flexibility, detoxification, weight loss and pain relief. If you have ever used a hot pack to ease sore muscles then you know that heat can increase blood flow and reduce muscle stiffness. Infrared heat is also one of the most eco-friendly and economical heating systems available. We invite you to experience the many health benefits that infrared heat has to offer with one of our 7 different styles of heated classes and over 20 heated classes a week. If you are pregnant please do not practice in this studio, enjoy our non-heated classes. Be sure to hydrate prior to class to ensure you feel great. 



Faster Flow Classes



Hot YogaRoom Flow  (Our Signature Class)

See for yourself how hot yoga helps you purify and cleanse the mind, body, and soul. This is a dynamic class that is a faster flow where you will work every part of your body building strength, fluidity, concentration, and balance while linking breath to continuous movement. Warm up with Sun Salutes, then move into a skillful sequence designed to build to a peak pose or target a certain body part to bring you into balance. If this is your first ever yoga class - please consider a non-heated or basics class or call the studio to see if this class is right for you. You should be a physically active person that enjoys the heat.  PLEASE drink plenty of water before class, wear lightweight clothing. When it comes to what to wear in a HOT class Less Is More! Be ready to move, breath & sweat. Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate.



Advanced Flow

Move fluidly through tricky transitions in this faster flowing sequence. Expect plenty of arm balance options and allow your yoga to really come alive in this advanced vinyasa flow class. This class is all about linking one breath with one movement and allowing the body to progressively build to a peak pose expect strong challenging transitions and a lot of FUN! This is a 2 or 3 towel type of class!

 **Must be able to flow through 5 Surya As & Bs. Not sure if this is the class for you, just email Wendy at


Hot Express(o)

This 45-minute hot flow will kick start your day. (No need for coffee after this class) This is an energetic class so be ready to move, breathe, sweat and have fun all while building strength, flexibility, balance and freedom in the body. This HOT class is appropriate for all physically active people, be ready to move at a faster flowing pace and enjoy energizing postures. Class is only 45 minutes leaving you empowered and ready to take on the day all by 6:15 AM!


Hot YogaRoom Flow Express - 45 minutes

Get in & Get out! Build strength, open up and get focused for your ideal day.


HOT 45 

Happy Friday! You’ve been working your strength and alignment in class all week…… Friday is all about the flow. Connect breath with movement in this 45 min class designed to make you feel strong and energized for your weekend of fun.


Hip Hop Yoga 

This is a heated Straight Up Vinyasa class so expect to FLOW! Class is set to LOUD Hip-Hop music (not censored) allowing you to tap into freedom and transformation through movement. Be ready to SWEAT!! This class has been referred to as a 3 towel class!  Thank goodness we provide free towels because after this class you wouldn't want to take that towel home.  The room is lit by our signature Yoga Room lighting and will be darker than usual - allowing you to really enjoy the beat bumping flow you are about to embark on, be ready for the sweat to drip and the music to be loud - really loud - so that you can let loose in the yoga sequences. You WILL Flow Strong & Fast - Sweat Hard - Have Fun!



Great Place to Start


Hot Basics

This is a beginner level class where you will learn how to use yoga to build strength, improve flexibility, and lose weight/tone up. A regular practice can also reduce pain and help you sleep better, all while providing 60 minutes of peace of mind. Great for all levels. Absolutely no experience necessary. New students welcome!


Foundations Flow

Discover how important a strong foundation; a root system really is with Foundations Flow. This class sets you up to have a strong and stable lifelong yoga practice. Enjoy Sun Salutations while refining alignment with yoga's most common postures. Build heat, endurance, flexibility, stability and focus exploring poses that strengthen the entire body. This class is suitable for everyone and if you are wondering where to start your Yoga journey it is with Foundations Flow! The class is informational, not intimidating and is at a pace that allows you to explore. 



Slow & Stretchy



HOT Slow & Stretchy

Allow the heat of the Hot studio to bring you more space and relaxation in your body. This will be a slow moving class, expect to move into stretches to help with lower back issues. Look forward to spending extra time in all your favorite poses. No experience needed. New to Yoga, this is a yummy place to start!


Hot Unwind

A hot yoga class that is designed for unwinding and opening up! You will gain fluidity, space, and comfort in your body. Enjoy all the benefits of the infrared heat in a slower paced class. Michelle says it's like Hot Yoga took a Chill Pill.  All levels




Join us in our Yin and Yang style class. In this class you will take the first half hour of your practice in our signature style - Yoga Room Flow, moving through Sun Salutations, and other vinyasa flow style postures. Once you've got the energy moving in the body, you'll take the last half of your practice to settle the energy and find your "shift". The second half of class is filled with all of the juicy goodness of deep stretching, hands-on assists and all other things Yin. You'll leave feeling energized and centered. You'll leave fully balanced in mind, body, breath and heart. 



Hot Yin can provide energetic, mental and physiological benefits.

Yin Yoga benefits are not purely physical: you also benefit from the stillness this type of practice offers. The opportunity to come to an edge, become still and experience the sensations and changes melting into your body. Another benefit is the energetic stimulation available in Yin Yoga. Whenever an edge is felt, whenever a posture gives us a challenge physically, tissues are being stretched or compressed. This tension creates mechanical, electrical and chemical signals that travel through the body and it can change the quality of the tissues that transmit these signals. In the East, this is called prana or chi, which flows through nadis and meridians. 



Amped Up Power & Strength



Yoga Sculpt (HOT) 

Yoga Sculpt helps you really power-up your Yoga Practice. This is an energetic upbeat fun way to move your body blending traditional strength training moves & light weights with yoga postures—think bicep curls up top and warrior two legs down low. Yoga sculpt helps you balance out a yoga practice and maintain strong muscles and body awareness. You will tone up, burn fat and build lean muscle in no time in this class. Make it your new favorite. Try Yoga Sculpt and start your journey to a longer, stronger, more balanced body. This is in the HOT studio.



DeTox Flow

Detox Flow is a great way to feel energized, reduce bloat, burn calories, and cleanse the body. The class will incorporate poses designed to boost your body's immunity by stimulating the lymphatic system. Class will include twists, flowing movement, poses to keep your digestion happy and some yummy relaxation poses that will be incredibly effective at helping you release everything that your body and mind do not need. The class will be heated to a toasty 95° to encourage sweating out toxins stored in the body. Be Ready to Move and Sweat .... a lot!  This class is taught only once a season. Some experience preferred - This should NOT be your first HOT Yoga Class. It is intense.



Regular Studio

Studio One (Non-Heated Classes)



Faster Flow Classes


YogaRoom Flow (Our Signature Class)

Looking for a class that checks all the boxes? This is it! You will work every part of your body while building strength, fluidity, and balance and linking breath to continuous movement. This is a faster flowing class. Warm up with Sun Salutes, then move into a skillful sequence designed to build to a peak pose or target a certain body part.  This process may involve inversions, arm balances and back bends. Don't let this scare you as we build the pose from the modification up so there is always a place for you to explore at your own personal edge.  As with every yoga class you always get to choose your level. Some days you may want to really juice it up and get sweaty while other days you may want to explore the mellower soft aspects of a pose. You decide.  When you want it all this class is your best bet. Be Ready To Move! Open Level Class.


Express Flow

Enjoy this 45 Minute version of our signature YogaRoom Flow class. This is the perfect class for the busy yogi trying to squeeze in a little time for yoga in a full day. Get In - Get Out - Get On with your day feeling happier and healthier all in just 45 minutes 


Advanced Practice 

What does advanced mean? Does it mean faster and harder? Or could it mean slower and longer? Or is it advanced pose refinement, breath work, understanding? More hands-on adjustments? Workshopping poses? Mantras? Mudras? Sutras? Yamas? Niyamas? It is all of these elements! Advanced practice is all about delving deeper into ALL the weavings of your yoga journey - bringing you more awareness of Your Yoga on and off the mat. This class is only for yogins that have been practicing for 6 months or longer. We will focus heavily on alignment aspects of poses and how to prepare the body for more advanced postures. No need to be a master yogi, but you should know how to modify and take care of your body in a group setting and be able to flow through Sun Salutations. (unsure if this class is right for you just email Wendy at  This class is taught only by seasoned teachers that hold advanced training beyond the 200 hours and/or 1,000 hours of teaching (500 Hour RYT)



Slow Down Your Flow (slower does not = easier)

Enjoy this new version of our signature YogaRoom Flow Class -"Slow Down Your Flow" It will be like moving your body through honey to give you a chance to really feel everything that is happening. Just like when you hit a speed bump - if you move too fast it's not good, this class is all about slowing down your typical faster-flowing vinyasa so that you learn how to still move forward, however with really good awareness and caution. So don't let your Yoga practice bottom out! 




Slow & Stretchy

Easy Does It

A gentle flowing class designed to meet you where you are while safely guiding you to make the poses work for your unique body. Use of props is encouraged with extra time given for transitions. Must be able to move up and down from the floor. This class was created with older adults and those recovering from injury in mind. Easy Does It is an all levels class and a safe place to start your yoga practice. If you have concerns about your ability to participate in class, private sessions are available by appointment. This class is only taught by yoga teachers that are also occupational or physical therapists as well. All levels and Very Beginner Friendly.


Everything Zen

Restorative Style Yoga class suitable for all levels. Everything Zen is about incorporating everything we have available to create Zen in our life - yoga poses, bolsters, blankets, essential oils, sounds, breath, hot stones, soothing music, breath work and meditation all in a candlelit setting. You may find it hard to believe that all this lounging in luxuriously delicious poses could offer so many health benefits but it does! Aromatherapy is often incorporated please advise the teacher 24 hours ahead of time if you have any sensitivities and we will gladly refrain from introducing any scents into the room. This class will allow you to let go of stress and tension to feel better - breath better - sleep better - do better. Class will be a be a mix of restorative and slow-moving poses combined with mindful breath and meditation you didn't even know you needed!


Rebalance, Restore, Refocus

Would you like to move better, enhance other activities and feel better in your body, overall? This class uses The JointYoga Method (muscle release, acupressure, joint release and calming techniques) to help release areas of tension in the body through meditation, gentle yoga movements and lots of hands-on assists from the instructor.



Candlelight Restorative

This ultra-nourishing practice is a beautiful blend of slow flow, restorative postures, and guided meditation. It is designed to help reduce stress, melt away tension in the body and mind, and promote better rest. Props are often used to support the postures and gentle adjustments (aka massage) are offered throughout class to assist you in achieving a deep level of relaxation. Free yourself from the pressures of daily life as you are guided into a state of balance and bliss. Option to bring a small blanket for savasana.



In Yin classes you will cultivate mindful awareness of your body, breath, and flow of energy. This is a great class if you have lower back pain and want to address it with slow steady poses. Focus on postures that lengthen the muscles surrounding the hips, pelvis, and lower back. You hold the poses longer to lengthen the connective tissue that surrounds the joints and increase its elasticity. Deep Stretch is essential for injury prevention, joint health, and helps reduce common side effects of aging. (If only Ponce De Leon had found this class) It's amazing how a little time spent in stillness on the mat leads to more activity off the mat. That is what makes this class a great compliment to your active life. Since a Yin practice often includes seated forward bending postures, it also restores energy and calms the nervous system and the longer holds give you the opportunity to find your Self within the pose. Pure Bliss for All Levels!


Intentional  Flow

Start your week feeling energized with this delightfully enriching Sunday morning class. In this class you will flow, linking your body with your breath, and uniting your spirit with the power of intention! By holding intention, in your mind and heart, you bring focus and awareness to qualities you wish to cultivate more of in your life; working to build a bridge between what you discover on your mat and what you continue to focus your mind on off of your mat. Do something to positively impact you and the energy of everyone and everything around you. This is an all levels class following the famous Yoga Room Flow blueprint. Be prepared to move your body in gentle flowing ways increasing your strength in both your body and mind.


A perfect place to begin your yoga journey. No previous experience required. Modifications will be offered.




Great Place to Start



Yoga 4 Everybody

If you loved FREE Yoga in River Prairie Park this summer this is your class. There will be plenty of movement, standing poses and those yummy feel-good poses that you never want to end all cued at an easy to follow flowing pace so that you leave class feeling happier & healthier! This is a perfect class for all yogis - REALLY. Beginners this is your place to start! Shoulder issues keep you out of a typical flow class? No worries here as this class has NO - ZERO - NADA - chaturangas-Hurray! This is a vinyasa flow style class that offers the modifications needed for any beginner, but also allows for the veteran yogi to modify up. No experience is necessary and ALL are welcome. This is our very own yoga for EVERY body and EVERYBODY. Looking for a yoga experience that is sure to leave you feeling balanced, supported and at ease in your body. This is it.




You have found the best place to start your Yoga journey - absolutely no experience needed! Just show and be ready to move, breathe, and feel better. You will enjoy the yoga basics and primary poses while linking breath and movement through a slower paced sequence of Sun Salutations and postures. Become familiar with the names of poses & the principles of alignment. Come strengthen your body and calm your mind. Open to all levels and Beginner Friendly





Friday ReSet

De-stress from the week with this open level  75 min class, designed to help you welcome in the weekend. Students can expect a yummy warm up and a delicious, mindful cool down with a not-to-fast vinyasa-style sweetness in the middle. Students will reconnect with the breath, realign the body, and balance the mind. Rotationally taught by one of three teachers, each month will have a collaborative theme. This class may include multiple modalities and practices such as vinyasa, pranayama (breathing techniques), mantra (simple chants), yin (slow, long stretch-like holds), restorative (yummy, comfortable holds), sound-therapy, optional savasana assists, and more.  Options and modifications will be offered for multiple levels of practice. 


Release and Refresh (Flow, Yin & Reiki) 

Gentle energetic flow combined with yin poses and Reiki healing energy. Release and refresh will help clear outdated, expired, no longer needed energy and pour in a fresh new energy. Be fresh, Be free, Be fearlessly you. 


Kundalini and Meditation

What exactly is Kundalini Yoga? It is a combination of movement and meditation with an added emphasis on consciousness that activates energy centers throughout our body. Come awaken your full potential! 


Shakti Flow

Bring some softness to your practice with this slow flow class that allows you to stay present with your breath, find more space in your body and leave your mat feeling more confident, vibrant and more aligned with your divine self. This will be blend of Yin, Breath inspired flows and restorative techniques that artfully weave together to bring you sweetness and peace.



If you are looking to strengthen your CORE as well as maintain good posture, then Pilates is for you. It also has a strong mind/body connection. Pilates involves precise moves and specific breathing techniques. 



“We don’t stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.” -George Bernard Shaw

Join us in this beginner friendly class that eases you into the body with breathing exercises and relaxing poses for joint flexibility. We’ll gradually move into standing poses, increasing strength, balance and awareness in all major muscle groups. Once you’re feeling grounded, yet open, we’ll close our practice with gentle meditation that will leave you feeling rested and strong.  Wear comfortable workout clothes or pants and a shirt. Yoga has no dress code, so just be yourself and let us take care of everything else! Mats and props are available, but feel free to bring your own mat if desired. This class has special pricing available: $10 Drop in Or Senior Tues/Thur Class only punch card 10 classes for $75.00.



It is what it sounds like - 108 Sun Salutations!  It’s also a powerful experience that done in collaboration with others leaves you feeling connected and changed. The practice of 108 Sun Salutations, Surya Namaskar, the Sun Salutation, is a series of 12 postures performed in a single energetic flow. Each movement is coordinated with the breath. The practice builds strength and increases flexibility. It will be broken down into quadrants with a devotion initiated at the beginning of each quadrant. It is also a great opportunity to connect with your own personal mission and create a new focus. Modifications will be offered so that the practice will feel challenging but also available to everybody. The class is accessible to all with an exception of a shoulder injury.

You should plan for around 90 minutes to complete.



You may be racing here from work or running late - don't stress coming in a bit late, life happens. Just get in when you can we will be happy to see you!

Walk-ins are always welcome when space is available.

Even with 75+ classes a week some classes do fill up, so be sure to sign up online when you can to reserve your spot. 

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