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A Yoga Room Adventure Retreat is a journey toward creating space for more fun, happiness, and joy in your life. Booking this Yoga Adventure is your first step on this path! (Good for you!)


We have carefully chosen locations that check all the boxes for a magical week. 


Here are the Yoga Room Retreat Ingredients for a perfect week:

  • Paradise!  We travel to AMAZING locations that soothe your soul just by being there. Think Jungle to Ocean, Secret Surf Spots, Melting Sunsets, Beautiful Beaches, Blue Zones and Luxury Accommodations. 

  • Adventure! Plenty of options for physical activities, athleticism, and other adventures.

  • Nourishment! OUTSTANDING Food is always a priority. You need to eat a bountiful healthy meal that tastes great. We lovingly call it a "2 plate meal" - it's so good, you go back for seconds! Bonus - It’s so good FOR you, there’s no guilt about that second, heaping helping!

  • Liquid Love!  Enjoy freshly made juices, organic smoothies, beautiful wines and vibrant local cocktails ** These are not included in your price however they are readily available for purchase if you choose

  • R&R! Rest and Relaxation. Wake up refreshed as the rooms are designed to ensure you sleep well with clean and comfortable bedding, and air conditioning. Relax fully in a variety of ways, spending time lounging poolside or on the pristine beaches. Plus, don't forget to book that massage in the on-site spa!

  • Yoga! Several Options for our daily practices in a variety of Yoga Shalas including the Outdoor Shalas overlooking the ocean, Indoor Bali inspired studios and of course, there is also a beachside yoga option throughout the week. Manduka mats, bolsters, and other props are provided so that you’re able to travel light and with ease. We offer a variety of classes from sunrise meditations to strong morning vinyasa inspired flows and on to afternoon restorative sessions.



























What to expect in our retreat Yoga Classes:


There will be several options for amazing activities to do (or not to do) throughout the day on any Yoga Room Retreat. Our Yoga classes will reflect the magical environment, the group dynamic, and your personal needs.  Each retreat will have its own focus and intention.


  • There will be an early morning meditation offering each morning. Always optional - but don't be afraid to try it! After all, this week is about trying new things that bring you more happiness. 

  • Morning Fast Flowing, Strong Vinyasa-Inspired Class that facilitates exploration of the proper alignment and therapeutics and energetics of the postures. 

  • Evening Restorative Style Classes that balance out your day in paradise.


Our Retreats are designed for Real People! No need to be a master yogi, you just need to want to spend a week having fun in a beautiful setting.  There will be plenty of activity and walking, expect some locations to have a large number of stairs, unpaved terrain and jungle paths that lead to the beach so you should be free from any major injuries. Most foreign countries are not ADA compliant. We have discovered luxurious locations nested in jungles and beachside towns just waiting for you to explore. It is your week so you always choose how much or how little you want to do.

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