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Always wanted to try Yoga?


We have the perfect opportunity for you as we have several classes on the schedule designed just for you.

You are exactly where you are meant to be - everyone starts somewhere. 

PLEASE don't think that you need to prepare for your first class. 

You don't need to be able to touch your toes or know fancy Sanskrit names, all you need is to want to feel better. 

So don't wait another minute come to class today, remember what is hard today will be easy tomorrow! 


Good Things To Know Before Your First Class:


Yoga is about having fun and being happy - so just show up, work hard, discover new things about yourself and smile!


Beware of loose fitting tops, yes they look great in the mirror at home but it will look different upside down.You will also want your clothes to be easy to move in. Nobody wants a wardrobe malfunction. 


We practice barefoot so no shoes or socks are required.


Depending on the class you may work hard! You may not like every pose (or any pose at first). They do get better and your body will eventually start to crave them. The poses will allow for a transformation in a short amount of time that results in improved strength, balance and flexibility. Yoga has been around for over 5,000 years because it works! 



Wondering what class to take?

Look for any of the classes highlighted in yellow on the schedule, ones with a ** next to them or anything that says Basics or Beginner. These classes are either designed specifically for the new yogi or will be appropriate for your first time on the mat. (See list below)




You do not need a mat, we have plenty for you to use in the studio at no charge.


Congratulate yourself for trying something new!


We are so happy to welcome you to the Yoga Room!



Yoga Advisor Program:


Yoga advising is free to all students because we want you to love your yoga as much as we do

​Ask your adviser ANYTHING. If a class doesn't feel right, your yoga adviser will find an alternative. 


List of Beginner Friendly Classes:


Look for these classes on the schedule as they are a great place to begin your yoga journey. These classes are designed for a beginner student and always have other brand new students, so you will be with people exactly where you are!


Park Style Flow An indoor spin on everyone's favorite class this summer 'Yoga in the Park"

(No chaturangas) All Levels

Yoga Basics Become familiar with the names of poses & the principles of alignment. Strengthen your body and calm your mind


Hot Yoga Basics Become familiar with the names of poses & the principles of alignment.

Strengthen your body and calm your mind in a room heated to 90°

Easy Does It Designed for people rehabbing from an injury and with seniors in mind

Vin & Yin A beautiful blend of gentle flow and yin to find power in the calm

Reset Yin & restorative help you unwind &recharge. Includes gemstone crystal bowl sound healing & savasana(don't know this word yet? It will become your new favorite. Come find out)

Hot Power Hour This an intense Class in a room heated to 105° The poses are basic yet the class is vigorous.

Beginner workshop & Series

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